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Home Beginner Spanish Course

Beginner Spanish Course

Although the actual content of the Beginner Spanish Course can vary, it broadly covers the following areas. Please remember that all of our courses are taught by a native Spanish teacher who is experienced at making the course as lively and enjoyable as possible.


  • Greetings and introductions
  • Spanish phrases for use in shops, hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Spanish for travelling around a city
  • Introduction to Grammar, nouns, verbs, word order and numbers, starting to build up confidence in speaking Spanish
  • Use of adjectives, pronouns and adverbs
  • Addition of more common phrases like 'how much or many’ (cuánto, cuánta/cuántos, cuántas)
  • Alphabet
  • Dates (days of the week and months)
  • Subject words and phrases describing your job, family, nationality
  • Expanding on your vocabulary of common items such as food and drinks
  • Additional key adjectives, verbs, adverbs, connectives

Included in learning the above is

  • Speaking/active practice
  • Lots of listening to Spanish pronunciation
  • First steps on reading/writing Spanish
  • A background to the Spanish culture

Spanish Course Content Descriptions

Ways to learn Spanish

Beginner Spanish Course, Spanish for Beginners

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