Online Language Lessons (Skype & Google Hangouts)

Learn a language through Skype or Google Hangouts. Learning online gives you the flexibility of the time and location. We can work around your busy schedule whether you are a student or a businessman trying to expand your horizons, we can help you learn.

The beauty of online classes is that you don’t need to be from the United Kingdom to take the opportunity to learn from our highly qualified native language tutors. You can be anywhere in the world!

Our online language lessons are in the same format as the face-to-face in-person ones, the only difference is that you are using a computer. This enables you to choose when and where you take your lessons.

Skype and Google Hangouts are the leading video calling applications on the internet, and both require a reasonable internet speed. Also your experience may be hampered by the effect of other people in your household using your internet. The best way to test things out is to do a sample video call to a friend and see if your internet speed is fine. Skype does have a page on their required minimum speed.

Online Individual Skype / Hangouts Lessons

Learn at your own pace and with your own one-to-one lessons with a highly experienced native language tutor. Together with your language tutor you can plan your goals and create a curriculum to reach them; whether you want to learn survival Spanish or need to practise your advanced French, we have a tutor for you. With over 1600 tutors we are able to cater for your individual needs.

Online Group Skype / Hangouts Lessons

Our group online lessons are great way to learn. If you and a couple of friends and/or family want to learn together, we can make that happen. You don’t all need to be in the same place, everyone can participate in the lessons from their home, work or virtually pretty much anywhere in the world.

Individual Prices

French, German, Italian and Spanish - from £30 + VAT

All Other Languages - from £32 + VAT