What We Do

Our Training Approach:

“Flexible Language Learning is not just our motto; it is what we stand for.”

Desmond Harrington (Managing Director)

Conversation Piece offers a wide variety of Business language training options to suit your availability and training requirements. Whether you wish to learn one-to-one with a native language trainer or a with a group of employees, Conversation Piece Ltd can provide a tailored Business language training course specifically based on your requirements and delivered by trainers with specialist business backgrounds. Your tailored Business Language Training Course will take place at your preferred location (office, home, etc.).

In order to ensure that your specific needs are met, we conduct a Language Needs Assessment that determines your current level, previous learning experience, professional requirements as well as your objectives. Your dedicated Business Language trainer will then design your individual Business Language Training Course.

1. Language Needs Assessment or The LNA

Conversation Piece has been using the Languages Assessment system in accordance with the European Framework of reference to assess students of all ages and the benefits are visible:

We will be happy to provide you with an assessment free of charge. Please click here and we will contact you!

2.Learning Objectives and Lesson Plan

Once we have made an initial assessment of the individual(s) participating in the language courses, we will be able to clearly outline the objectives for the language training course to concur with the objectives of the business.

Flexibility is a key factor in any tailored training course. Each delegate’s requirements, level and objectives make their needs unique. Consequently each training solution devised by Conversation Piece is also unique.

The content and methodology employed are based on requirements and objectives specified by you and your Training Manager to ensure the best and most effective approach.


Conversation Piece Ltd trainers use a wide range of support materials: reference and exercise books, audio materials, visual materials, role play and other real-life activities as well as materials created by the trainer or Conversation Piece Ltd for your specific course.

Materials can be ordered through Conversation Piece Ltd. Please contact our Client Manager on 020 8337 1959 for more details or get in touch.

3.Choosing a language trainer

Our language trainers are carefully vetted by a process of interview, document and reference checks. All of our trainers are native language speakers with a minimum of three years of experience in teaching the particular language. Especially for Corporates, we would make sure that the trainer we source for your specific training needs has excellent references in addition to good qualifications and experience.

4.Feedback and Appraisal

One of the key elements of our 360-degree training is the feedback and appraisal system. We highly value feedback which we receive from our clients. To this effect, we will contact you once the first lesson is complete to request information on whether the language lesson was to your complete satisfaction. We will do our very best to make sure that you get the top quality and standard out of every session. Any feedback you give us will be relayed to the trainer so that he/ she can best use the feedback in a constructive manner. On completion of certain blocks of lessons of say 15 or 20 hours, we contact the participant to request a self-appraisal of their language skill in comparison to their level and skill before the start of lessons. This also gives them an opportunity to evaluate their objective in learning the language and to further motivate them to reach the targeted level.


Conversation Piece provides a short progress report every month for every employee who has been approved to take language lessons with us. Longer, detailed reports will be sent to the concerned Training Manager or HR at the end of a certain block of lessons. The reports have proven to be a very successful tool in determining whether the participant is progressing along the right lines.

Please click here for a case study on one of our most prestigious clients, Chivas Regal Ltd.