About Conversation Piece Ltd

Conversation Piece Ltd was established in 1990. We provide language tuition for individuals and companies across the UK in all European, Nordic, Oriental, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Our team is made up of former teachers and language specialists who understand what clients look for in a trainer and use this knowledge to select the trainer best adapted to their requirements.

Our flexible service ensures that the course is structured around the clients' requirements and goals to ensure rapid progress.

Our teaching complement comprises over 1600 language trainers, all highly qualified and experienced native speakers who specialise in assessing your language training needs and devising courses to suit your requirements.

We offer tuition in all European, Nordic, Oriental, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Language courses for business

Conversation Piece offers corporate language training especially designed and researched for businesses wishing to maximise their impact when dealing with overseas clients.

In addition to teaching the chosen language, our native speaking trainers also impart a thorough understanding of the culture, customs and etiquette of the country.

We provide corporate language training for a variety of business sectors such as telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, legal and many other major service sectors.

Conversation Piece offers flexible corporate training adapted to your business environment; the training, format, time, venue and depth of the course are all tailored to your needs.