German Absolute Beginner Course

Language: German Level: Absolute Beginner (20 hours)

Location: your home or office

Cost: £800.00

Topics, Vocabulay, Themes

• The alphabet and personal/basic greetings.

• Classroom language (Lesen Sie, Sprechen Sie…)

• Introductions – how to ask and say name, surname, where one lives, what one studies and does for living. Also, how to say your name, surname, place of living, studies and work

• Talking about someone else – what he/she studies, does for living, lives, name and surname

• Numbers (1-1,000,000). How to say telephone numbers and ask for telephone numbers

• Use of gender

• how to identify and say the address and city/country of residence

• Use of you formal “Sie”.

• How to say “how much is something” (wieviel kostet…).

• Dialogue in a restaurant. How to order food and drinks. Name foods and drinks in a coffee shop.

• Buying items from a market or a supermarket

• Comparing price and quality

• Months of the year, days of the week.

• How to say the time and ask for the time

• Talking about German/English holidays

• Compound nouns


• Phonetics – the alphabet

• Use of subject pronouns I, you, he/she/it, we, you they. Verb “sein” – to be

• Regular verbs and some common irregular verbs

• Masculine, feminine, neuter, singular, defined and undefined articles

• Use of the third person “er/sie/Sie” (he/she/you formal)

• Verb ‘möchten’ to express a wish

• Building questions/answers/word order( verb second)

• Imperatives (Lesen Sie, Gehen Sie…)

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