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With over 24 years’ experience in providing high quality Brazilian lessons and courses, Conversation Piece offers you tried and trusted learning options individually tailored to meet your own particular needs and requirements.

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What is the difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese?

Brazilian Portuguese is an offshoot of the language of the mother country, Portugal. There are differences in vocabulary (distance and immigration have contributed to lexical differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese), pronunciation (Brazilian Portuguese is more nasal and Brazilians speak more slowly, pronouncing all the vowels), grammar and spelling (although the two countries have made efforts to standardize the rules of spelling). It is often said that the Portuguese understand the Brazilians better than Brazilians understand the Portuguese; this could be due to Brazilian music and soap-operas, both being very popular in Portugal.

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Whether you simply wish to get by in Brazil or have in-depth conversations with the locals, we can help you.

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Brazilian Language Training Options

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How we work
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- A minimum booking of four lessons is made
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- After the first lesson we contact both you and the teacher for feedback to ensure that everything is to your complete satisfaction


Brazilian Language Course Content

The content and format of your Brazilian language lessons / course will depend on your current level and reasons for learning. Your Brazilian teacher will devise a course that will meet your particular needs and requirements.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, core areas covered in all our Brazilian courses can include:

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