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Due to migration throughout Greek history, The Greek language is spoken by speakers across a vast diaspora; several million people of Greek descent live in various parts of the world. Greek is spoken by 15 million people, in 19 countries, and is one of the 23 official languages of the European Union. Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus. Classified as an Indo-European language, Greek is comprised of three major dialects, Dhimotiki, the Demotic, or vernacular, language, Katharévusa, an imitation of classical Greek, and Koine, a convergence of Dhimotikí and Katharévusa used in official and academic settings. The Greek language has a lengthy and rich history, lasting 34 centuries, spanning from the Ancient, Archaic and Classical periods to the Hellenistic and Roman, Byzantine and Modern phases.


Hailed as the cradle of western civilization, Greece boasts idyllic islands, turquoise oceans, whitewashed villages and ancient ruins. Those that desire to stand on the ground where the original Olympians contested, envision the Parthenon where the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum originated from, or savour the most delectable dining, all choose to learn Greek as a language. While Greek is legitimately one of the world’s more complex languages, it isn't impossible to conquer. Through Conversation Piece’s customized language training options, you will gradually be able to grasp the fundamentals as well as the nuances of the Greek language. Were you aware that a third of the English language has Greek roots? Did you know that these English words, athlete, dinosaur, exodus, syntax, diploma and alphabet, all emanated out of the Greek Language? With Greek having such a seminal influence on English etymology, many language lovers are passionate to acquire a Greek proficiency.


As a “middle-power” Greece is known for its sizeable tourism industry as well as its major shipping sector. Greece also has industries dealing with industrial products, textiles, chemicals, metal products, food and tobacco processing, as well as mining and petroleum. Register for our Greek language courses if you are conducting businesses in Greece or any Greek-speaking country. Conversation Piece courses are excellent in preparing Greek learners how to speak the appropriate Greek in any given country. The lesson plans are customized in order to ensure that each Greek student is learning the correct vocabulary, dialect, as well as business etiquette peculiar to each Greek country. Countries that have substantial numbers of Greek speakers include:


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