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The Japanese language employs an extensive system of politeness and honorific markers. In order to utter any kind of expression, the speaker must keep in mind the social standing of the person addressed, the person being talked about and his/her own personal status.

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These markers appear on verbs, adjectives, and even nouns. For example, the informal form of the verb "to go," iku, is used when speaking with someone close to the speaker, but if the person addressed is a stranger or is older than the speaker, the politeness marker -masu appears: iki- masu. If the person being talked about is socially superior to the speaker, the honorific form of the verb "to go," irassyaru, may be employed, even if this person is not present.

Conversation Piece offers a wide variety of Japanese language training options to suit your availability and tuition needs. Whether you wish to learn Japanese in a one-to-one with a trainer, you and your partner wish to learn Japanese together or you and a small group of friends wish to take Japanese lessons together, we can arrange for a Japanese trainer to come to your preferred location (your home, your office etc.) or we can arrange for you to use our training room (week days only).

Our teachers recommend a minimum of 1.5 hour lesson per week but this is entirely flexible.

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