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As decreed by law, there are two official forms of written Norwegian —Nynorsk and Bokmål - literally "new Norwegian" and "book language" respectively. Additionally, there is the unofficial but widely used written form – Riksmål.

The sociolect of the urban middle and upper classes in East Norway, upon which Bokmål is primarily based, is taken to be the spoken standard for Bokmål or standard østnorsk ("Standard Eastern Norwegian") and is the form generally learned by foreign students. (Traditional Standard Norwegian) is considered more conservative than bokmål, and the unofficial Høgnorsk more radical than nynorsk.

Although Norwegians are educated in both bokmål and nynorsk, about 90% use bokmål or riksmål, and about 10% use nynorsk or høgnorsk, as their written language. Broadly speaking, bokmål and riksmål are more commonly used in urban areas, and nynorsk in rural areas - most particularly in Western Norway. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) transmits in both bokmål and nynorsk and all governmental agencies must be able to communicate in either written language. 92% of all written publications are in Bokmål or riksmål, whilst the figure is 8% for nynorsk.

Conversation Piece offers a variety of Norwegian language training formats, each uniquely designed to suit your busy time constraints and language needs. Why not consider one of the following options: one to one Norwegian language lessons: small group (2 to 5 students) suitable for friends or family members all working together with the costs significantly reduced. One of our highly qualified and experienced Norwegian teachers will come to the location of your choice (your home, your office or our dedicated training facility – weekdays only). Our Norwegian courses can be tailored for the individual needs of the student.

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