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What is the difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese?

Brazilian Portuguese is an offshoot of the language of the mother country, Portugal. There are differences in vocabulary (distance and immigration have contributed to lexical differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese), pronunciation (Brazilian Portuguese is more nasal and Brazilians speak more slowly, pronouncing all the vowels), grammar and spelling (but the two countries have made efforts to standardize the rules of spelling). It is often said that the Portuguese understand the Brazilians more easily than the other way round: this could be due to Brazilian music and soap-operas, both very popular in Portugal.

Tourism in Portuguese Speaking Countries

Want to go on vacation to a Portuguese speaking country? Our Portuguese lessons will prepare you for a vacation to Portugal where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants or for a vacation to Angola where you can explore The Leba Mountain Pass and Waterfalls. Learning the Portuguese language will help you to enjoy your vacation in whichever Portuguese speaking country that you choose. Let our Portuguese lessons enhance your experience in any Portuguese speaking destination. Our trainers will help you to learn the Portuguese necessary to carry out the following actions:

If you’re looking to visit Brazil, check out our Brazilian Portuguese language lessons.

Portuguese Language Training Options

Learn Portuguese either in weekly Portuguese lessons or in fixed-length Portuguese courses. If you’re just interested in learning the language try our Portuguese lessons. If you’re interested in learning Portuguese to prepare for a GCSE exam or A-Level exam then try our fixed length Portuguese courses. Our Portuguese language courses come in four different stages:

We offer a wide variety of Portuguese language course options to suit your availability and tuition needs. There are a number of ways to learn Portuguese such as:

We can arrange for a Portuguese trainer to come to your preferred location (your home, your office, etc.) or we can arrange for you to use our training room (week days only).

Our teachers recommend a minimum of 1.5 hour lesson per week but this is entirely flexible. Remember: if you are searching for an original present for a special occasion, look up our gift vouchers!

Portuguese Language Training Options


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