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The Russian language is spoken by approximately 260 million people around the world and is the most widely spoken Slavic language. The majority of Russian language speakers live in the Russian Federation. The Russian language is also spoken in the countries of the former Soviet Union: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. There are several dialects of Russian, but they are typically categorised into Northern, Central and Southern dialects. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet and you can focus your lessons on reading and writing or on speaking and listening, depending on your goals with the language.


The Russian world is renowned for its rich history in art, literature and religion. As the world’s largest country, Russia has a breadth of experiences to offer. If you want to visit the home of Tolstoy and Pushkin, watch the finest ballet, take a ride on the Trans-Siberian railway, witness the Northern Lights, experience an authentic Russian vodka bar, or tour the Kremlin, then you will enjoy learning the Russian language. Learn to read Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Dostoyevsky and Gogol in the original so you can better understand the worlds and culture of famous literary characters like Anna Karenina, Ivan Denisovitch and Lolita. Russian ice skating and ballet are some of the best and most influential in the world and there might be opportunities to see some of your heroes from the Olympics. Russia also offers a number of options for the adventure tourist, with world-class white-water rafting, climbing and trekking. In addition to the large metropolitan areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg there are seaside towns and vast countryside, so Russia can be a dream holiday for any type of traveller. You may be surprised to discover that several words in the English language have Russian origins such as mammoth, vodka, intelligentsia and sputnik.


The Russian language speaking world is a centre for burgeoning business and has industries in petroleum, mining, precious stones, metals, aircraft, aerospace, ammunition, military machinery, pulp-and-paper, automotive, infrastructure, agriculture and more. As the region is home to some of the World’s largest banking (Sherbank), as well as oil and gas companies (Gazprom and Novatek), Russian language courses will be especially useful for people working in those industries with business connections in countries such as:

As each country speaks the Russian language differently, our Russian language trainers will ensure that you are receiving the appropriate Russian lessons for business endeavours within each respective country. Whether you have business in Moscow, or Moldova, or Latvia, your assigned Russian language trainer will develop customised Russian language lesson plans that satisfy the language requirements of those specific countries.


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