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The Swahili language also called kiSwahili or Kiswahili, is linguistically classified as a Bantu language. The Bantu languages form a subgroup of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family. The Swahili language is spoken by 5 million people and by an additional 135 million people as a second language. It is spoken in Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, UAE and the USA. Swahili is comprised of about 15 dialects. The main dialects include Kiunguja (standard Swahili) spoken on Zanzibar and in the mainland areas of Tanzania, Kimvita, spoken mostly in Mombasa and Kiamu, spoken on the island of Lamu and adjoining parts of the coast.


With its wildlife, rugged mountains, rift valley, and stunning coastlines, the Swahili-speaking world is filled with stunnung beauty. Visited by British royalty and even Hollywood celebrities and adored by its locals, Kenya and other Swahili-speaking nations are perfect places for any wanderluster. If you have ever wanted to camp (or glamp) in the Maasai Mara, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, or wander through the island town of Zanzibar, then Swahili is certainly the language you will want to learn. Discuss with your language trainer what your travels plans will be and Conversation Piece’s language lesson plans will be tailored to suit your preferences. Your language trainer will also reveal how some words in the English language have Swahili roots such as safari, kwanzaa, mamba and jumbo. You will also be surprised to discover how many Swahili words have Arabic roots such as Safari, and Chai.


Were you aware that Kenya is the third largest exporter of cut flowers in the world, accounting for approximately 35% of all sales in the European Union? Loved for their longevity, Kenya's roses, carnations and summer flowers are also popular in Russia and the U.S. The last time you smelled a rose, who knows, perhaps it was from Kenya? However, the primary source of hard currency in Kenya (as well as several Swahili-speaking countries) is its thriving tourism industry. Kenya boasts some of the world’s most famous national parks and has a flourishing hotel industry. Kenya also has industries in Coffee, Tea, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Geothermal Energy and more. As each Swahili-speaking country speaks the Swahili language differently, our Swahili language trainers will provide relevant lesson plans for business endeavours within each respective country. Whether you have business in Nairobi, Mombasa or Dar es Salaam, you will be well prepared for any linguistic challenges that will confront you. You will be taught the proper Swahili vocabulary, as well as the unique Swahili dialect peculiar to each specific country. You will also learn the appropriate business culture so that you will be adequately prepared to speak Swahili in these countries:


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