Online One to One Tuition

Learning By Skype

Learning a language using Skype has all the same features of a face to face lesson with a tutor, but can be a more comfortable, efficient and convenient way to learn. Our experienced and qualified language experts meet you live on-line, wherever you are, at a time of your choosing, at home, in the office, in a coffee shop or park. If you are in a remote or difficult to get to location, or if you require lessons at short notice, intensively, or at irregular times of the day or week, this programme could be ideal for you.

Our Tutors can offer sessions early in the morning or later in the evenings, or at specific times during the day. All you need is internet access and a head set.

Once you are connected, the lessons follow our conventional, effective format, with live conversation with your teacher who will personally tailor your course to your ability and to the goals that you set. This way of learning is used by our clients to improve their business language skills through to basic introductory lessons for beginners, from those wanting to improve their conversational skills to students revising for formal exams at all levels.

The same audio and visual aids are used, and can be complimented by use of internet technologies so that audio exercises can be down loaded, written exercises can be completed, and course work can be detailed. Lessons are fully interactive, and many students have found the use of headphones and microphone, which focuses attention to language detail, has rapidly improved their pronunciation and accent.

Skype software is easily downloaded free of charge on to your lap top or pc. It is widely available from a number of on-line sources, using up little memory, and does not interfere with other programmes on your computer. Whilst you are free to download your own Skype programme, Conversation Piece Ltd are able to advise you about how to do this. You will also need to purchase a headset, which cost from around £5 and then go up in price depending on the quality.

Conversation Piece Ltd has been using this technology successfully for a number of years and have found it extremely popular with many of our students, many of whom had not used Skype before. All languages, including English (EFL), German, Italian, Spanish and French, are available in this format, as are native speaking tutors.

Try this service and find out how effective and personal it is can be for you.

Many of our students who started face to face tuition have converted to Skype and have benefited from the extra flexibility and reduced cost that come with it.

(*Rates for Skype start from £32 per hour.)

Skype download programme: