Private Tuition

Learn a language in the comfort of your own home!

Private tuition is the most flexible and convenient way to learn a language: Choice of day and time to fit in with your timetable.

Advantage of Private Tuition

From a satisfied Senior Citizen

"Dear Conversation Piece,

Thank you for returning my payment for an unused Italian lesson, which I was unable to take as I was whisked away by my daughter at short notice on holiday. The object of my Italian lessons was to enable me, as the oldest and sole surviving grandparent (at 85) of the bride, to welcome the Italian groom's parents, relatives and friends in Italian. My knowledge of the language was rudimentary, based on having done Latin at school and being stationed for five months in Italy with the RAF - but even that overstates the case as I was frequently flying as a navigator or in camp with my English colleagues.You can see therefore, what a challenge I presented Giacomo (my Italian teacher) with, as my last connection with the Italian language was 65 years ago. While the speech itself was not within the ambit of the lessons, his input in general was of great help. I wrote the speech and at the end, he oversaw it and I was able to deliver four minutes of coherent Italian without reading notes of any kind. I was overwhelmed by the Italians lining up to congratulate me.

I did, in fact text Giacomo after the wedding to thank him but I think you should know that despite an age difference of probably more than sixty years, he was able to make the lessons not only useful but also fun, I think, for both of us.

Yours sincerely, V Kennett"

“I was considering a German course in Central London when I called Conversation Piece. After evaluating the cost of travel, time spent getting there and the fact that I couldn’t choose the day, I decided to switch to private tuition. Conversation Piece arranged for a local German teacher to come to my house. I arrange the dates with my teacher and she is very flexible. It really is the most convenient and economical option.” Sue (Esher)

“I had been looking for a Swedish course for some time when I called Conversation Piece. They looked up teachers registered with them in my area and arranged for a Swedish teacher to come to my home that same weekend. I work difficult hours and travel abroad regularly so I needed someone flexible. My teacher is flexible and happens to live just 10 minutes away so she can easily adapt to my hectic schedule.” Tony (Twickenham)

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