Why learn a foreign language?

There are numerous reasons why people decide to learn another language. Whatever your motivations, if you are clear about them it should help you to keep focused on your goal which can seem a distant prospect when you are struggling to get past “un, deux, trois"

Whether it is for work, travel, romance, or simply because you have always wanted to, it is important that your goals are clearly defined. Do you want to achieve fluency or will the ability to partake in everyday conversation serve your purposes?

Suppose that you will be learning for study, work, or travel reasons? Maybe you are going to spend a year living in Barcelona. Should you learn Spanish – the language of many countries across the world – or Catalan, the more commonly spoken local language? Are you being relocated to the Chinese branch of your company for a few years? Will Mandarin be sufficientfor everyday needs, or might it be necessary to learn one of the dozens of other languages or dialects spoken in China?

These are just a few ideas that you may wish to consider before embarking on what could prove to be an exciting and rewarding adventure!

How to Learn a Foreign Language

Myths of Learning a Foreign Language